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The New Mourning (A)

Datum: Freitag, 15. November 2019 21:00



... und die geschichte hinter der band spricht ja wohl auch für sich! am 15.11. im ACHTUNG The Great Räng teng teng... eine Swamp Freiburg show!


The New Mourning is the new song-writing vehicle of musician and recording engineer Thomas Pronai. Pronai has been around for nearly two decades recording many legendary acts from the Austrian music scene (Der Nino aus Wien, Ernst Molden, Ja, Panik just to name a few) in addition to his own band projects (The Beautiful Kantine Band, Bo Candy and his Broken Hearts).

Pronai runs an entirely analogue studio (the only one in Austria) in the countryside of Austria's eastern most province, on the edges of the Pannonian Steppe. Here he runs the DIY record label 'Container Recordings', challenging models of the music industry by releasing records without any distribution, a latter day Tony Wilson leaving all rights to the artists. The all-analogue records can only be purchased from the performers.

In 2017 Pronai was asked to back Pete Astor (The Weather Prophets/The Loft) on drums on a single show in Vienna. A year later Pete asked him again to complete his touring band consisting of guitarist James Hoare (Veronica Falls/Ultimate Painting/The Proper Ornaments) and bass player Rose Keeler-Schäffeler (Keel Her) on the Germany tour for his 2018 album One For The Ghost (tapete records).

By that time Pronai had been recording a few songs on his own without any specific aim, beyond experimenting with reduced song structures and pushing the boundaries of his analogue equipment.
It was on that Pete Astor tour he experienced the feeling of being part of a proper live band playing simple, reduced rock 'n' roll songs without any frills and furbelows. Then he realised precisely what this new sound required. The decision was made: The New Mourning was born!

He recruited twin brothers from a local band on drums and guitar. As a trio they started to create a specific live sound. The sound is as simple as the songs. A stoic drum beat over a bare song usually constructed around two chords, eschewing any special effects or manipulation. But the most significant feature of the New Mourning sound is that Pronai places most of the hook and melody lines on the bass, using his instrument much like a lead guitar.

In January 2019 Pronai found himself laying the tracks for two new songs onto the Studer 16-track tape machine of the London-based James Hoare. Well up with the work-flow of an all analogue studio, he recorded all the instruments and vocals within one day, mixing it onto a two-track tape recorder the very next morning and flying back to Austria with two finished songs in the bag.

Those two songs will be released by Augsburg based DIY label 'Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten' on a limited 7” edition (200 copies) later this year followed by a club tour...




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  • Freitag, 15. November 2019 21:00



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