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English Standup Comedy Night

Datum: Freitag, 27. September 2019 19:00

DANIEL RYAN-SPAULDING is a top internationally touring Stand-up Comedian, who has performed in over 45 countries! This Croatian-Canadian Expat in Amsterdam has delighted audiences worldwide with his unique brand of smart, campy, brutal comedy. Now living in Berlin, he delves into the world of a Berlin hipster culture in his popular Youtube series "'It's Berlin!". His one man show has been a sell-out success all year! Fasten your seat belts for a wild ride with a critical mind examining global society, sexuality, and the human condition -- delivered with a vibrant, sassy, irresistible personality! 3-Million views on Youtube, 4-Star Reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe,,One of the Most-traveled Comedians in the World! Don't miss out on this fabulous man! For the first time in Freiburg!

AHMET BILGE is a Turkish comedian currently based in Switzerland. Despite being a "chubby young starving artist" in one of the world's most affluent countries, Ahmet's energetic outlook on life, witty jokes, and embarrassing anecdotes are honest, silly, and highly relatable. Ahmet is quickly rising to be one of the top players in Switzerland, as well was branching out to bring the laughter to Paris, Berlin, Austria, the UK and now in Freiburg; )

MICHELLE KALT was born and raised in Switzerland. She holds a Master of Law and a Certificate of Advanced Shit Talking. A fan of self-deprecating humor, contract law, and the Oxford comma, Michelle regularly performs stand-up comedy in English and German and also features as the Clueless White Lady in her friends’ stand-up routines.

DEAN IRA actually an African in disguise, a rare breed of white African. Or as some people say: Wafrican. Struggling to adapt to the first world problems of safety and anxiety, he’s out to promote a more Hakuna Matata approach to a modern lifestyle, by doing things like: introducing African time: Smashing Swiss clocks with a vuvuzela & remembering what it was like to be chased by a rhino.
His motto is. “If I don’t make you laugh, I’ll definitely steal your wallet”.

JOACHIM BREITNER is a Swabian/Bavarian/Badenese mutt by origin, computer scientist by degree and a nerd of various sorts by heart. Since academic research is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration, he now skips the 90% and does standup comedy instead. Also, if you know where to go swing dancing after the show, please take him along.

We will be doing 2 shows!
First Early Show starts at 19:30
Second Late Show starts at 21:30


Tickets are cheaper online! Ticket link

Adults : 10 €

Students : 7 €

Tickets at the door!

Adults: 12 €

Students : 9 €

Doors open at 18:30

First show starts at 19:30

First show ends at 21:25

Second show starts at 21:30

Second show ends at 23:30








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  • Freitag, 27. September 2019 19:00
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